Megadoors for Fabrication Halls

Megadoors facilitate the flow of production material and ship blocks through the shipbuilding process. They are the standard for plate cutting, block assembly and outfitting halls around the world. Megadoors are critical in controlling the manufacturing environment required for high quality welding and maximizing worker productivity in shipyards.

  • Vertical Lift Design - Maximize the opening on prefabricated block assembly and outfitting halls.
  • Increase Quality - By enclosing your work areas and eliminating drafts that interfere with welding and ship construction.
  • Increase Production - Cost effective climate control production areas providing technicians an optimal work environment.
  • Natural Lighting - Improve safety, and moral by using translucent Megadoor fabric to brighten the work area.
  • Durability - Megadoors are designed to operate with “bumps and bruises” common in heavy industrial marine environments, such as shipyards, ports, offshore wind energy and petroleum.