The vertical lifting Megadoor was invented in Northern Sweden in 1971 and was quickly adopted by the Scandinavian Shipyards requiring large, doors that could withstand the sub-arctic marine environment and abusive industrial operations. Today, Megadoors are the standard in the world’s leading shipyards where they have been in operation for decades in fabrication halls, covered dry docks, bridge crane openings and blast & paint facilities

  • Vertical Lifting Design - Requires virtually no side room allowing you to design compact facilities that maximize the use of limited land.
  • Durability - Proven in the harshest heavy industrial operations around the world, Megadoors routinely replace other door technologies that fail to operate.
  • Corrosion Resistance - Megadoors incorporate aluminum intermediate beams, side guides and a PVC coated polyester skin that resist corrosion in marine environments.
  • Low Maintenance - Engineered to eliminate or minimize moving parts, Megadoors are designed for maximum uptime.
  • Extreme Environments - Proven in hurricane prone shipyards of the USA, extreme heat of the Arabian Peninsula and Russian winters.