Heavy Industry

The Vertical lifting Megadoor and the RR2000 High Speed Rubber door are designed for Heavy Industrial applications such as: Steel Mills, Automotive Plants, Cement Plants, and other extremely tough and demanding applications. For over 30 years, both products have been installed in some of the harshest conditions and most extreme environments around the world.

  • Rugged Construction - Both door types are designed and built for extremely dirty/dusty applications as well as extreme weather conditions.
  • Reliability - Designed with very few moving parts and built for extremely high cycles, these doors have to provide many years of reliable operation.
  • Versatility - Designed for practically any size or wind pressure as well as higher speed operations for heavy traffic openings. Thick ¼” structural steel side frames are built to withstand the rugged conditions and are designed to last in demanding applications.
  • Safety - Fail Safe reversing edge automatically reverses if contact is made. Continuous windlock design protect workers from extreme wind and debris. Safety devices prevent any type of free fall condition.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Both door types are designed for extremely high cycles, require very little maintenance and service. The Design and Durability will also help avoid costly downtime. Industry leading warranties help ensure peace of mind and long-term operations.