Complete entrance solutions for Controlled Environments


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems offers cleanroom doors designed for helping to control cross-contamination, maintain manufacturing processes, and ensure safety in your laboratory and controlled environments.

Designed for the research, development, and manufacturing of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, electronics and biotechnology products, our specialized doors can help you:

  •  Achieve maximum efficiency in hygienic production and reduce energy costs with fast, tight-sealing doors.
  •  Ensure control of cross-contamination and maintenance problems with smart design and seamless integration.
  •  Maintain safe and smooth operation with adaptable configurations and secure access.

 Our doors can also help you meet the following regulations:

  •  ISO 14644-1 Classes 1 through 5
  • Federal Cleanliness Standard Classes 1-100
  • USDA, FDA, cGMP and EMEA requirements

ASSA ABLOY RR300 Clean high-speed door—durable design and fast speeds

The ASSA ABLOY RR300 Clean high-speed door is a great fit for clean rooms needing to meet ISO Class 5 and GMP Class C standards. With its FDA-certified PVC door panel and contactless actuator, the door opens and closes fast to help control air exchange and reduce contaminants. The design features a stainless-steel side frame, motor and roll cover, and a bottom profile that helps minimize pressure loss when the door is closed.   

ASSA ABLOY SL500 Clean Room sliding door—customizable and secure access

The ASSA ABLOY SL500 Clean Room automatic sliding door helps you meet ISO 3 (class 1) standards with a smart design for dust control, a smooth and efficient operator for both fast speeds and improved stability and performance, configurable design for the sliding door panels (single slide, bi-part, full breakout or fixed sidelite), seamless integration with overhead concealed or surface mount configurations, and secure access with separate time delays for sensors and key access.

ASSA ABLOY SW200i swing door operator—air pressure management and security integration

The ASSA ABLOY SW200i automatic swing door operator is designed to handle door weights of up to 700 pounds per operator and provide intelligent air pressure management, flexible configurations, and security integration with latch retry and a signal for security monitoring.