Megadoors for Retrofits

Megadoors are commonly used to replace worn out hangar doors or enlarge openings on existing hangars. If your commercial door has been neglected, is poorly designed, does not seal well or is just worn out, replace it with a Megadoor system. If you bought a new aircraft and cannot fit it through your existing bottom rolling door due to the pocket(s), replace it with a Megadoor. Since Megadoor lifts vertically, this requires very little side room and provides you with ability to optimize with width of the entire hangar.

  • Maximize Your Hangar Opening - Remove your existing hangar door and increase the width and height to accommodate larger aircraft.
  • Minimize or Eliminate Civil Works - Vertical lifting Megadoors eliminate extensive and costly ground rail systems required by horizontal rolling doors
  • Simplify Framing:
    • Lightweight Design - Using aluminium, high strength steel and a PVC coated polyester fabric skin, Megadoors weigh substantially less than other hangar doors.
    • Vertical Loads - Vertical lifting Megadoors do not impart complex or cantilevered loads found on-bi fold or hydraulic doors, minimizing structural support.
  • Door Frames - Custom engineered, fabricated and installed frames to support your Megadoor are available from the factory.
  • Turnkey Installation - Many retrofits can be performed by ASSA ABLOY including removal of the existing door, reframing the door opening and installation of your new Megadoor.

Case Study

See how TAC Air SLC improved functionality of their old hangar doors by installing Megadoors here.