Megadoors for Paint Hangars

Aviation coating facilities require a precisely controlled environment to ensure a high quality paint finish. Megadoors are used on both cross draft and down draft paint booths to increase the coating quality and reduce operating expenses. Modern paint hangar designs focused on radically reducing the paint hangar volume and air infiltration rates use Megadoors to minimize HVAC equipment size and energy consumption.

  • Modern Hangar Designs - Enabled by multi part Megadoors, radically reduce the volume of air that must be conditioned. This leads to higher quality and lower operational costs.
  • Quality Control - Unique seals provide exceptionally low air infiltration rates that reduce the need for costly rework by minimizing exterior contaminates entering the paint process.
  • Energy Savings - Reductions in hangar volume and air infiltration achieved with Megadoors reduces costs to condition the paint booth.
  • Environmental Benefits - The Megadoor system helps reduce the amount of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) released into the atmosphere.