Megadoors for Business Aviation

Corporate flight departments and Fixed Base operators (FBO’s) require reliable hangar doors to ensure their VIP’s schedules are maintained. Megadoors are utilized by world leading organizations to protect their aircraft and create a world class impression on their guests.

  • Vertical Lift Design - Open the entire end wall of your hangar and eliminate space consuming horizontal rolling hangar door pockets and rail system.
  • Reliability - Proven over decades in busy flight departments of industry leading organizations.
  • Energy Efficiency - Provided by exceptionally low air infiltration seals and vertical lifting design.
  • Natural Lighting - Translucent Megadoor fabric allows a soft diffused light brighten the work environment.
  • Aesthetics - compliments modern architectural designs and will help you distinguish your facility from other buildings at the airport.

Case Study

See how TAC Air SLC improved functionality of their old hangar doors by installing Megadoors here.