With an eye on tomorrow's needs

Enhance and extend the performance of your entrances with modernization and upgrades. Our experienced service team provides support and advice on improving equipment performance and regulation compliance.

Keep your entrances performing well

Automated entrances are a long-term investment, and just as your business develops over time, so do entrance automation technologies and regulations. To help address changing needs, we offer a variety of modernizations and upgrades.

Modernizing and upgrading your entrances can contribute to a more sustainable building, reduce maintenance and energy costs, and at the same time improve convenience, reliability, safety, efficiency and aesthetics. It is a cost-effective way to make sure your entrances match both current and future needs.


  • Optimize safety for staff and visitors
  • Meet current building regulations
  • Improve the appearance
  • Modernize your accessories
  • Improve operational flow
  • Optimize energy performance
  • Optimize goods and people flow
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Increase energy-savings
  • Add building value
  • Safeguard goods around-the-clock
  • Access control
  • Prolong product life cycle
  • Minimize breakdowns