Multiple leaf shipyard door systems

Multiple-leaf shipyard door system
Multiple-leaf shipyard door system
Multiple-leaf shipyard door system
Multiple-leaf shipyard door system

Steer your shipyard operations on a smoother course with the vertical-lift fabric shipyard doors 

Trusted in shipyards around the world, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ vertical-lift fabric doors enable you to close an almost unlimited opening width and require virtually no side room. This means you can keep more of your valuable production space. No floor tracks are needed, so there is no risk of door malfunction due to snow or ice. Well-proven in marine environments, multiple-leaf shipyard doors are designed to withstand extreme wind loads and require very little maintenance. Available in translucent fabric, they allow for natural lighting, creating a good working environment. Designed specifically to handle marine environments, these rugged, fabric doors offer:

  • Minimized construction costs – reduce building footprint and volume by eliminating the need for space consuming bottom rolling door pockets and tracks our vertical-lifting fabric doors.
  • Energy efficiency – minimize the energy loss of a hangar door by reducing air infiltration, leakage, heat loss from conduction and mass air flow.
  • Aesthetics – give doors a distinguished design with 8 standard color fabric options or a custom graphic design option for a truly custom look
  • Safety – safeguard workers and equipment with built-in door sensor systems, flame-resistant door panels, wind-resistant dimensioned beams, and translucent fabric panels that provide natural light.
  • Bird abatement – tightly sealed door systems prevent birds entering the hangar
  • Reduced life cycle costs - high quality components reduce wear and tear and resist corrosion, which reduces over all maintenance costs.
  • Scalability - create a sustainable, scalable, and comfortable work environment that frees up more interior space for building, repairing, and retrofitting all types of commercial and military vessels.
  • Improved efficiency - use the natural light provided by translucent, double-layer fabric door panels for operating paint and blast halls, moving and using scaffolds and ladders, and negating paint overspray and welding sparks in compliance with NIOSH health standards.
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