Shipyard Doors

Proven for over 40 years in shipyards around the world, the vertical lifting Megadoor is the industry standard for large openings in a marine environment, such as shipyards, marinas, ports, and off shore wind energy fabrication. First utilized in the sub-arctic Scandinavian shipyards, Megadoors are a common sight in the hurricane prone regions of North America, modernized yards of Europe and ship building centers around the world.

Modernize your Shipyard with vertical-lifting Megadoors.

  • Vertical Lift Design - Allows for compact facility layouts and more efficient use of scarce land.
  • Durability - Resists the bumps and bruises common in an industrial environment better than other large doors.
  • Corrosion Resistance - Aluminum intermediate beams and side guides along with a PVC coated polyester fabric door skin resist marine environment corrosion.
  • Energy Efficiency - Unique double side seals enable the lowest air infiltration rates for large doors.
  • Low Maintenance - Simple design engineered to reduce moving parts while incorporating high quality components.
Technical description

ASSA ABLOY Megadoor VL3190

  • Size Range: Unlimited
  • Speed: 6-10”/sec Open and Close.
  • Side Guide Rail Depth: Standard is 4 3/4” (Total Width = Clear opening width + 9 1/2”) on extreme sizes the Guide Rail Depth is 9” (Total Width = Clear opening width + 18”)
  • Intermediate Beam Depth: 12” to 31 ½”


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