Single-leaf aviation hangar door systems

Single-leaf aviation hangar door
Single-leaf aviation hangar door
Single-leaf aviation hangar door
Single-leaf aviation hangar door
Single-leaf aviation hangar door

Enhance your aviation operations with vertical-lift fabric hangar doors

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ vertical-lift hangar doors are rugged and dependable entrance systems for aviation operations.

Designed for unencumbered flight operations in any conditions, these sturdy, single-leaf and multiple-leaf doors are built to: 

  • Keep operations running - Ensure commercial and military aircraft can move in and out of hangars easily with fast opening and closing speeds, maximized ramp space, and the elimination of cumbersome and corroding bottom tracks.
  • Minimize construction costs – reduce building footprint and volume by eliminating the need for space consuming bottom rolling door pockets and tracks our vertical-lifting fabric doors.
  • Energy efficiency – minimize the energy loss of a hangar door by reducing air infiltration, leakage, heat loss from conduction and mass air flow.  
  • Improve comfort levels - increase ambient light within the hangar's interior through translucent, space-saving fabric door panels that let in natural light and keep out extreme hot and cold weather conditions.&
  • Aesthetics– give doors a distinguished design with 8 standard color fabric options or a custom graphic design option for a truly custom look.
  • Bird abatement – tightly sealed door systems prevent birds entering the hangar.
  • Safety – safeguard workers and equipment with built-in door sensor systems, flame-resistant door panels, wind-resistant dimensioned beams, and translucent fabric panels that provide natural light.
  • Reduce life cycle costs - high quality components reduce wear and tear and resist corrosion, which reduces over all maintenance costs.
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