ASSA ABLOY SW60 Field Test


Thank you for your participation in the ASSA ABLOY SW60 field test. The SW60 is an innovative product which combines sleek aesthetic and low energy operator performance. We are excited to share it with you.

About the SW60

  • Aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic design
  • No electrician required
  • Fast installation
  • Compatible mobile app for door configuration and control (currently only available on Android devices)

About the Field Test

  1. Below you will find a pre-install checklist, please submit this form so we can ship you a unit that will work for your door. 
  2. Download the compatible app (currently only available on android devices). This app will be used to set up your operator and control the door. 
  3. In the coming weeks, we will begin shipping out your test units. Keep an eye out on this page for install instructions, a technical data sheet, and more information.
  4. The field test will last approximately four weeks. During this time, we will be collecting your feedback on the product - install, performance, features, marketability, etc. through weekly surveys. Your feedback is vital to the successful marketing of this product, so we ask that you promptly answer questions and respond to our inquiries. 
  5. The unit you will be receiving is not UL approved. When a UL approved unit becomes available, we will send out a replacement for you to install.

Where to install the SW60?

The SW60 can be installed in a variety of areas. We suggest a shop door, bathroom door or office door that has plenty of traffic for testing purposes. If being installed on an exterior door, the operator must be placed on the interior of the building.

ASSA ABLOY SW60 Field Test Pre-Install Checklist

Please complete the form below so we can ship you the appropriate test unit. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions is someone available to receive and install the unit? *
Where do you want your test unit shipped?
For the mobile app, can you utilize an Android device *

Tell us about the door you intend to use for the Field Test.
Arm Selection *
Handing *

Please upload a picture of the door you will be testing the unit on