Why Automatic Doors Are Good for Business


The use of automatic doors is on the rise, and everyone seems to be enjoying the convenience. A survey by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers reports that 98.9% of customers prefer automatic doors over manual doors. Not surprising, given that it seems that their popularity is at an all-time high in commercial design. So why does automatic door popularity continue to grow? And why is it especially popular in commercial design? We have a few ideas...

Plenty of Choices

When it comes to installing automatic doors, there are a multitude of styles, finishes, designs and colors to pick from—the options are seemingly endless! Choose from swinging, sliding, revolving or folding and talk with an expert to determine what will best suit your establishment.

Swinging doors have different characteristics, enabling different sizes and performance. Sliding doors are great for places heavy in two-way traffic, improving capacity accessibility and performance. Revolving doors keep harsh elements outside, creating an experience that makes guests want to stay a while, while also letting large volumes of people in and out. Folding doors only take up a small amount of space, making it an ideal option for establishments not able to give up more space.

Customers Love It

Automatic doors make customers happy. Not only do they improve the image of your business, but they show customers that you care about them and their time too. They’re a convenient solution for customers to swiftly enter without hindrance, and not have to worry about what they’re carrying, handicap visitors, etc. Not to mention, they’re beneficial when it comes to preventing crowding by creating a steady flow of people.

 They’re a Better Value

With proper maintenance and service, automatic doors have a long life cycle. Translation: you won’t have to shell out tons of money and can focus on more pressing issues. They also offer greater options for saving energy, which in turn, also keeps costs down.

Architects Also Love it

Automatic doors make life easier for architects. When it comes to large-scale projects, like industrial buildings, hotels and healthcare facilities, automatic doors have become the undisputed go-to option. They keep people safer in emergency situations, make coming and going easier and give off a modern, sleeker look.

Saves Energy

These types of doors can’t be accidentally left open for extended periods of time, thus preventing unnecessary temperature changes. And since they only open when you need them to, heat transmission, air leakage, and air infiltration are minimized—thus reducing your energy your energy costs.

With a multitude of options, look to ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems automatic door experts to help you learn more about the best choice of automatic door to fit your needs. We’re here to help – contact us today!