Touchless access: Creating safer built environments


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, concern has been raised about the transmission of germs and viruses in common touch points and public spaces. COVID-19 has been shown to remain active on some surfaces for two to three days, which poses major health and sanitary risk to commonly touched surfaces such as door handles in these public places.

A new study shows that 69% of people avoid areas with common touchpoints and are favoring locations such as doctor’s offices, retail stores, and restrooms that are utilizing touch-free automatic doors. So how can you help make sure your business is making people feel safe? With a range of touchless automatic door options, there is sure to be one to fit the needs and look of your business, while keeping your employees and visitors feeling safe.

Touch-free Automatic Sliding Doors

Touch-free automatic sliding doors are perfect if you are looking for quick, unhindered access for your entrance. Automatic sliding doors allow for staff and guests to enter and exit your building seamlessly without having to touch a door handle. The variety of options with automatic sliding doors, allows you to make everyone feel safe, without sacrificing the aesthetics you desire. Keep your business flowing safely by installing an automatic sliding door at the entrance to your facility.

Contactless Automatic Swing Doors

Manual swing doors can easily be converted to automatic. Surface-mounted swing door operators are ideal for areas that need reliable and durable entrances that can withstand continuous usage, such as bathroom doors, corridors, or even interior and exterior entryways. Swing door operators come in a variety of options, as well as the ability to be operated with a touchless wave plate for a true touchless experience. Installing a swing door operator is a sure way to easily create a touchless environment in your business.

Touchless ICU Doors

Want to go touch-free in your hospital? Touchless ICU doors automatically open for visitors and staff with a wave plate, making it ideal for virus control in critical care environments. Combined with technology making it easy to swing the door to a breakout position for ease of bed, equipment, or patient transport and the optional InteGlass feature for privacy, the touchless ICU door is the leader in providing ideal touchless solutions for convenience and germ-control.

No matter what your business is, contact ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems today to learn more about all of our touch-free automatic doors and how we can help retrofit your current solutions to meet your demands today and in the future.