Small Space, Big Solution


At ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, we take pride in our ability to find a solution where others can’t.

One great example of this was a project that involved a condominium building on Florida’s Intercoastal Waterway.


The condo association decided it was time to upgrade their entryway, and wanted to install a sliding door system to replace their undersized swing door.


But, partly because of the age and construction of the condo, plus the harsh, unforgiving saltwater air environment, multiple automatic door manufacturers said they could not make it work. Then came the ASSA ABLOY team...



●      The existing manual door was 81-1/2”H x 43-3/4”W to match the interior roof slab.  The minimum height a concealed sliding door requires is 90”

●      The inside of the entryway had insufficient head clearance (i.e., reveals) to allow an operator to be installed (which was one reason for the existing low door height.)

●      An in-ground operator would never survive at this location next to the intercoastal waterway, and with no overhang, the front hallway could flood easily in heavy storms.

●      The new entryway needed to tie into the existing structure and tie into its Access Control systems.



It was determined that the best door for the job was the ASSA ABLOY SL500 R104 hurricane resistant package in fixed sidelite configuration, but upfitting the building to accommodate a sliding door retrofit required several steps.


ASSA ABLOY worked with a local engineer and storefront subcontractor to create drawings and plans for local permitting.


The build then started by creating a goal post structure to enclose the sliding door package. This allowed the team to secure the door frame to existing structural walls.


Next, the team created a floor slab to comply with all local NOA’s & building codes.


In the branch shop, we took the package sidelite and fitted it with an opaque, white, laminated impact-glass which not only provided hurricane code compliance, but also allowed for aesthetics to cover the wall section.


The door was then tied into the building’s existing access control and the fire alarm systems. The door was also equipped with a battery backup, so it can unlock and slide open during any fire alarms.


In addition, everything complied and exceeded life-safety egress and wind-mitigation requirements.


Besides looking great, the condo association expressed 100% satisfaction with the entryway, and sincere gratitude that they found a solution after so many attempts with other manufacturers. Now they have an updated entrance that complements the beautiful intercoastal surroundings.