Protect Your Business with Automatic Doors


When owning a business, one of your top priorities should be the protection of your assets – your employees, your buildings, and your goods. The obvious comes to mind, makings sure you have a restroom, clean water, security systems, etc. but what about your entrance? The entrance to your building plays a key role in the protection of all aspects of your building from germs, weather, outside forces, and more. The options are almost limitless and are unique for every business based on location, type of business, and many other factors. Below are just some of the ways that automatic doors can help protect your most important assets.

Elevated Threat Protection

Our ASSA ABLOY SL500 Forced Entry Resistant automatic sliding doors have an ASTM F842-17 Grade 25 rating. What does that mean to you? They are equipped with full impact glass, high-strength interlocks, steel lock pins, and dual corner straps that help delay the threat of forced entry and protect your establishment. They are the perfect choice where a high level of protection and durability is needed. 


If your business is in a hurricane zone, our Hurricane-Resistant line of automatic sliding doors is a great choice to ensure you meet local requirements, make the occupants of your building feel safe in the event of a storm or emergency and reduce destruction potential. With various sizes, PSF ratings, and impact levels, our Hurricane Resilience doors are the definitive choice for protection against hurricanes.

Infection Control

Automatic doors provide touchless access to your facility for guests and employees – which reduces a touchpoint and helps, stop the spread of infectious diseases. Without automation, door handles are a key point of transmission for a host of bacteria and germs. Just as you would install an automatic faucet or soap dispenser in your bathroom, easily automating an existing swing door with one of our operators, or installing a sliding door at your entrance, are easy ways to eliminate a commonly touched surface. 

Whatever your form and level of protection requirement is, we have a vast portfolio of solutions that can help keep your business, and its assets safe, while maintaining efficiency and providing pleasing aesthetics. Along with our product portfolio, we also offer 24/7 local service to help ensure you never miss a beat. Our most important door is yours, contact us today and let us help you find the automatic door solution that is right for your business.