Preparing your business for hurricane season


Hurricane season is upon us. Experts are forecasting above-average numbers, but it only takes one bad storm to do serious damage to your organization. Taking steps to prepare your business for hurricanes means that you can keep operations running, minimize financial losses, and showcase your reliability.

With all the information out there, hurricane preparedness may seem like a monumental task.  We’ve simplified it for you with three steps to prep your business for hurricane season.

Step 1: Secure

The first step in hurricane preparation is securing your facility from damages, both inside and outside.  High winds, flying debris, and storm surge flooding are all side effects of hurricanes, and pose serious risks to your business. 

  • Board up windows and doors.  Consider Hurricane resistant doors, such as the ASSA ABLOY Resilience line of automatic sliding doors, which are built to protect your business during even the most intense hurricanes.   
  • Secure electronics & furniture.  Unplug devices and move them off the ground.  Fasten heavy furniture to studs in the walls and relocate fragile items. 
  • Safeguard important documents like insurance, tax, and legal information.  Perform online back-ups using cloud storage, and keep hard copies in sealed, waterproof containers.
  • Have your roof inspected.
  • Turn off utilities if possible.

Step 2: Strategize

Damages to your facility can be damages to your entire operation.  It is important to have several strategies in place to keep your organization safe and open.

  • Create a resource management plan. 
  • Consider emergency training for your employees. 
  • Review your insurance policies to verify your coverage.
  • Have important contacts readily on hand, such as first responders, suppliers, and insurance agents.

Step 3: Stockpile

As you finish up your preparations, be sure to stockpile a few key items.  These will ensure you and your business can endure any threats you may face in the wake of a tropical storm.

  • First aid and basic tool kits.
  • Three-day supply of food and water.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies, such as generators and batteries.  Be sure to include a flashlight.    

Following these steps will help you be prepared for whatever hurricanes approach this season.   At ASSA ABLOY, our goal is to help you experience a safer and more open world.  The ASSA ABLOY Resilience hurricane resistant doors do just that.  Tested and proven to withstand high winds and large missile impact, the ASSA ABLOY Resilience line helps you rest easy knowing that once the storms pass, your business can open its doors quickly.

To learn about how our doors can help keep your business safe and open, contact us today.