Open the doors to your office safely with touch-free solutions


Are you planning a phased-in return to the office? There are many things to consider when it comes to making sure your employees are safe as we navigate business in a COVID-19 world. With 2-10 million bacteria on a person’s fingertips at any given time, commonly touched surfaces in the office are a breeding ground for germs and sickness. One of the most touched surfaces in any building is the door handle – front door, office doors, bathroom doors, etc. With various types of automatic doors, it is easy to eliminate door handles in all parts of your office building. Here’s how:

Front Entrances

The outside of your building is important both from an aesthetics and security standpoint. Welcoming both employees and visitors safely and securely should be top of mind always, but especially as we try to contain the spread of COVID-19. Accommodating touch-free access that can integrate with your security systems and protocols is a must.

Both sliding doors and revolving doors provide the ability to allow people in and out of your building and can tie into your building's security for access control. Sliding doors provide excellent light into your building with beautiful aesthetics and a welcoming appearance. With various sizes, finishes, and features, there is no end to the variety that can grace your front entrance. For a wow-factor, security revolving doors have built-in features with your buildings security top of mind.

Office Doors

Have a meeting or need some privacy? Adding a swing door operator to your manual office door is the perfect way to do just that – without having to touch a door handle. Swing door operators are easily installed and can be activated with a remote button right from your desk. Just like sliding and revolving doors, they can be easily secured, protecting your office even when you are away.

Bathroom Doors

Did you know that 25-62% of office people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom? However, to leave they are most certainly touching a door handle, spreading those germs to the next person to enter or exit. Adding a swing door operator to your bathroom operated with a wave plate allows for contactless entrance and exit to the bathroom and adds to the touchless features, such as faucets and paper towel dispensers that bathrooms may already have. While we can’t guarantee handwashing, we can guarantee that automatic doors greatly reduce the spread of those bathroom germs around your office.

Touchless wave-plates

Going a step above is always appreciated when it comes to doing business. Adding touchless wave plates to any of your automatic doors allows them to open with just the wave of a hand – eliminating the need to touch anything.

Making these upgrades in your office building will not only keep your employees safer and healthier but will let them know you care about them. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has a vast portfolio of solutions that limits physical contact while maintaining efficiency and a pleasing aesthetic. Let us help you go from manual to automatic.