Strength meets aesthetic: choosing the right automatic door for storm protection


If you live in a storm-prone area, you are no stranger to severe weather preparedness. Making sure your business is prepared to not only withstand a storm but be minimally impacted when the storm is over and be ready for quick and easy re-opening is important. With hurricane-rated sliding glass doors, you no longer have to sacrifice strength and durability for aesthetics and the convenience that they offer your customers. When choosing an automatic sliding door for storm protection, there are many things to keep in mind.

Approvals & building codes

Making sure that your sliding glass door meets all requirements for your area is important as these requirements are in place to ensure public safety and reduce destruction potential. 

Depending on your location and facility, your requirements for impact levels, emergency egress and PSF must be met in order to comply and allow for full building operation. Making sure your sliding glass door meets those standards with various features and ratings will allow your building to stay compliant, meet inspection demands as well as make the occupants of your building feel safe and secure in the event of a storm or emergency situation. 


When in a storm-prone area, or owning a busy business, service to your automatic door is unavoidable. Making sure your automatic sliding door can easily be serviced – whether glass replacement from storm damage or just natural wear and tear, your door shouldn’t add to the stress of owning a business. You’ll want to makes sure that your automatic sliding door can easily and quickly be serviced to avoid unnecessary downtime. Features such as dry glazing, replaceable tracks, and modular designs should be top of mind when choosing an automatic door for your business. 

It is also important to make sure you have a trustworthy service company that is knowledgeable and able to quickly and successfully service your door. Even if your door isn’t damaged from a storm, it is important to get your door inspected periodically to ensure that it is up to par for those times when it is most important. 


In the event of debris hitting your door during severe weather, impact level is important to ensure that your door will remain intact and help to keep occupants safe, while also protecting your business from damage on the interior of your building. Depending on the nature of your business, various impact levels may be needed to meet certain requirements. Impact levels play an important role in making sure that the damage to your door is limited, and the inside of your facility can remain free of debris, rain, or even opportunistic break-ins after the storm passes.  

A door’s PSF ratings are important if you live in a hurricane zone. Knowing that your door can be protected during the highest-rated hurricanes can help keep your mind at ease and allow you to worry about one less thing during storm preparation. 

Aesthetics & Convenience 

While all of the aforementioned are important to help protect your business and ensure the best possible protection, first impressions are also important for your business. Making sure your automatic door provides the look you want to portray is important when making customers feel welcome. Clear, modern sight lines, attractive features, and the convenience of a door opening upon approach will give your business a step up. 

If you are wanting the strength to withstand any storm that comes your way without sacrificing the aesthetics, look no further than the ASSA ABLOY Resilience line. Our full range of products can be found here, and our hurricane sales specialists are available to answer all your questions and help keep you protected.