How can automatic doors help your business keep up with the new demand for touch free-solutions?


There is no denying that the effects of COVID- 19 will have a lasting impact on society. No matter when you are allowed to or plan to reopen your business, preparing for that day is a must. With discussions about how to create a safer and more hygienic experience for employees and customers, many businesses have begun to adapt by offering contactless pickup, touchless hand dryers in the bathroom, or having employees wear masks. But what about one of the most touched surfaces in places such as a public bathrooms, offices, retail stores, and restaurants – the door handles. Automatic doors are an easy solution to help prevent the spread of germs and create touch-free access to places that customers and employees need to enter.

Convert your existing manual doors

 Despite what one may think, existing manual doors can be easily converted to automatic doors. 

With minimal disruption to your business, surface-mounted swing door operators can be easily retrofitted to your existing door. They provide a durable and reliable solution that can withstand continuous usage, making them the perfect solution for places such as office doors, interior entryways, corridors, or public bathroom doors. 

Sliding telescopic doors offer a great benefit where space is limited. They can fit areas with small footprints, allowing your retail store or office building to provide touch-free entry without interrupting the flow of business. 

Wave goodbye to germs

Combining your automatic door with a touchless wave plate adds another layer of hygiene control to your entryway and provides a true touchless experience. With various colors and designs makes adding these wave plates a no-brainer to your existing automatic doors or new ones being installed. 

Cost-saving benefits

In addition to conserving energy inside your business, the hygiene control that automatic doors provide can help you save money. With the uncertainty of the coronavirus, getting rid of the need to touch a door handle can help prevent the spread of the virus. Minimizing the risk of employees getting sick can help ensure your business can stay open and performing at its best. 

 A change in your design standards

As construction resumes and new buildings are designed, there is no doubt there will be a change in design standards. Hands-free access will be a design-must moving forward. You no longer have to be limited when it comes to creating entryways that meet these new touch-free demands with the help of automatic sliding doors and their touch-free technologies. From sliding doors to swing doors and revolving doors, touch-free entry points will be available without sacrificing the look or design of the building.

Making sure door handles are a thing of the past will help employees and customers feel safer as they begin to return to work, going to the gym, shopping, and traveling. 

Don’t let your doors be the barrier that keeps you from reopening or making sure you meet the new hygiene standards post COVID-19. Contact us today to learn about all our touch-free automatic door solutions.