Getting Back to Business Safely


Your checklist to re-opening your business and welcoming employees back into a shared space safely.

The need to provide for the health and safety of employees is changing the office environment. Moving forward, offices will look and function differently, especially when it comes to interacting with shared spaces, as well as contact tracing and social distancing capabilities. To help alleviate any workplace stresses and potential outbreaks, we’ve compiled a “Back to Business” checklist to keep you and your employees safe and healthy.

1. Minimize Shared Touchpoints

According to a 2014 CDC study, one germy office doorknob can infect half of an office within hours. By cutting out the first point of contact at the entrance, we can help reduce the spread of germs throughout the entire workplace.


2.Keep Your Distance

At this point, we all know the importance of social distancing and hand washing. Though it may be tempting to fall back into old habits--it’s incredibly important to maintain the good habits we’ve established in the past year so that we can all stay healthy, happy and productive.


3. Hands-Free is Best

When interacting with shared spaces it’s tempting to use your hands-- and sometimes you have no other choice. But for those spaces like bathroom doors, it’s worth either nudging the door open or close with your elbow or hip or better yet, considering an interior door operator to accommodate these spaces.


4. Ventilation   

Since COVID-19 is an airborne virus, it’s paramount to install or be mindful of the appropriate ventilation for a given workplace.

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