Why you should always call the pros: The importance of hiring a technician who is AAADM certified


Just like with most services such as car, medical, or home repairs, you wouldn’t hire someone that isn’t a specialist in the field. In the automatic door industry, the gold standard of service is provided by technicians who are AAADM certified inspectors – pros in their field. Choosing a company that employs and provides customers commercial door service completed by a certified technician is the best way to ensure your automatic door is getting properly repaired and inspected for any current or future concerns and keeping your customers, employees and all who pass through your doors safe.

What does AAADM Certified mean?

AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) educates technicians to interpret the ANSI/BHMA safety standards for automatic pedestrian doors and inspect for compliance. We know how important your entrances are to your business, so we suggest you insist on automatic door technicians that are AAADM certified. Before completing an AAADM course they must have experience in the automatic pedestrian or revolving door industry for at least 90 days and complete factory training. They are taught in hands-on courses to install, inspect and maintain commercial automatic doors. AAADM provides a great support network for its members that allow them to stay up to date with the latest in safety standards and industry knowledge. You can be sure that services provided by a technician who is AAADM certified are top quality.

The risks of not choosing a technician who is AAADM Certified

Although automatic doors appear to work seamlessly, there are complex parts and functions of automatic doors that keep them operating. While there are Daily Safety Checks you as the door owner should perform, it is important to make sure your door is professionally inspected both at the time of install and at least once a year after. These annual planned maintenance inspections should only be completed by an AAADM certified inspector. If you as a door owner notice the door is not working properly you should not attempt to repair the door yourself, instead, you should call a reliable company in your area that offers the expertise of technicians who are AAADM certified.

Choosing a repair company that is not well versed in automatic doors can cause your entrances to be out of commission for a much longer time and lead to costly repairs to reverse the damage they may have done. In addition to your door not functioning properly, a poorly repaired automatic door may increase your heating or cooling which increases your utility costs and may make your business an unpleasant environment to work or shop in.

Choosing an AAADM certified inspector helps ensure that your entrances are regularly in compliance with the ANSI/BHMA standards. Because of their continuing education and field expertise, all inspections, repairs, and installations are performed in accordance with the latest safety standard allowing you safe and reliable automatic door operation.

Whether you are needed service on your door in the middle of the night or just looking to schedule an annual inspection, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has local technicians who are AAADM certified ready to serve you. Contact your local office today to schedule automatic door service.