5 Reasons to Update Your Business Exterior


You work hard to ensure that your business is running efficiently. You are always seeking ways to maximize growth and serve customers to the best of your ability. With your focus tied to these internal workings of your organization, the external ‘look’ of your building might be the last thing on your mind.

What you may not realize is that to your business’ exterior does impact internal operations.  The right upgrade could be the lift in efficiency, growth, and service that your organization needs.  In fact, here are 5 reasons to update your business exterior – with the help of automatic doors.  


Increase Safety for You and Your Customers

            These days, keeping doors open is a big win.  Stopping the spread of the coronavirus and other infections is even bigger.   Automatic doors are hand – and thus, germ – free, protecting you and your clients from unnecessary exposure.    

            Another way an automatic door can keep your business safe is by preventing break-ins.  Learn more about the ASSA ABLOY Forced Entry door here.  


Improve Accessibility

            Make your business a welcoming place for all people!  To maximize growth, you must ensure that every potential customer can easily access your business.  Automatic doors remove barriers for everyone, and they can be especially crucial for the elderly and those with disabilities. 



Save on Energy

            Air leakage through outdated windows and doorways makes your business less sustainable and more costly.  The good news is that automatic doors can be equipped with numerous features that prevent excessive energy costs. 

            Interested in knowing how much you could save?  Ask for your customized energy savings analysis.


Boost Curb Appeal

            Aesthetics play a big role in drawing customers to you.  Often, your exterior is the first encounter people have with your business.  When that encounter is lacklustre, customers may come to expect the same experience inside your doors.  A fresh coat of paint or patch of flora might go a long way, but a new set of automatic doors is an aesthetic improvement that’s practical, too.


Show That You Care

            Businesses that invest in automatic doors send a clear message to their customers: you care.  When you invest in your business’ exterior, you demonstrate your commitment to safety, accessibility, sustainability, and quality.  Your customers will have no doubt that you’re willing to go the extra mile.  


A fresh new exterior is just the beginning.  Let us help you maintain your update with our 24/7 AAADM Certified Service.  Our team will repair any automatic door, any time.