Commercial door replacement services modernize entrances

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Commercial door replacement and upgrade programs help you meet both current and future business needs, modernizing entrances with state-of-the-art, attractive, energy efficient doors.

Modernization using our upgrade kits and replacement programs is the simple, cost-effective way to keep your entrances functional and efficient.

Why modernize?

Commercial door replacement and modernization keeps your entrance equipment running smoothly for the lifetime of your building, ensures reliability, and saves you money by reducing maintenance and energy costs.

Get the help you need

To help you find the right commercial door replacement solution that addresses the changing needs of your business, we offer a variety of modernization programs and upgrade kits.

Commercial door replacement benefits include:

  • Modernize your existing entrances to meet today’s needs, standards and safety regulations
  • Optimize workflow, convenience and accessibility
  • Increase energy savings, security and building value


Ensure your entrances work smoothly for staff, customers and goods. Greater convenience means more business and less environmental footprint. We make sure you comply with disability regulations too.

Energy savings

If one modernization goal is more energy efficient doors, we have the support and advice you need to best return on sustainability and increased energy savings when modernizing your buildings.