Energy savings, improved security and privacy at airport's VIP entrance


Automatic sliding doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is saving energy costs, improving the indoor environment as well as enhancing comfort, privacy and safety for VIP's traveling through Sweden’s largest airport.

The VIP entrance to the Stockholm Arlanda Airport provides direct access to security screening for government officials, heads-of-state and other high-profile visitors traveling from Sweden's capital city. This requires a secure, well-insulated automatic entrance that opens and closes quickly and seals completely to preserve both the privacy and comfort of VIP travelers as they go through the security screening process. The security requirements of this access point to the airport further dictates that this door must be fully operational 100% of the time.

Energy efficient entrances

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems supplied automatic sliding doors with insulated glass and tight sealing features to limit both cold and warm air infiltration, and is further handling regular maintenance to ensure that the automatic sliding door operates reliably and efficiently around-the-clock.

An energy savings evaluation of the ASSA ABLOY automatic sliding doors indicates that the airport can expect to see a 40% reduction in average energy costs from the combination of insulated glass and tight sealing features compared to a standard sliding door application.

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