Hangar door protects world’s largest aircraft


When the world’s largest aircraft needed protection from the harsh conditions of the Mojave Desert, a hangar door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems was selected to do the job.

The world's largest aircraft has a wingspan of 380' (116m) and thrust provided by six 747 air-craft engines. It is housed at Stratolaunch Systems in Mojave California. In order to protect the aircraft from the environment with its fine dust and sand which could affect sensitive aviation electronics, engines and other aircraft components, the customer chose a hangar door solution from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems proudly provided Stratolaunch Systems with a 420’w x 68’h (128m x 21m) vertical-lifting hangar door system consisting of seven individually operated door leafs and six retractable mullions. The impressive hangar door system was designed to meet the expansive size requirements and provided superior protection from the harsh conditions of the Mojave Desert

Superior protection

The fine dust blowing around the desert airport is notorious for coating everything not properly protected. Unique perimeter seals and low air infiltration values make our hangar door a more effective solution for the project than a traditional sliding hangar door. Furthermore, it does not require a bottom rail system which would collect sand and dust and require regular cleaning.

Better ventilation

The hangar doors have to be closed during normal operation for privacy, access and control of the environment. The facility uses a combination of exhaust fans and evaporator coolers to increase worker comfort and indoor climate in the hot desert summers.

Four massive exhaust fans were incorporated into the hangar door system to provide ground level air movement, to complement the fans on the top of the hangar on the opposite wall.

Increased natural light

The hangar door system increases the natural light in the hangar by using a translucent fabric. The soft, diffused light creates a better work environment for the technicians and reduces lighting costs.

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