Sustainable product innovation


Customer demand for sustainable products is increasing. It is in ASSA ABLOY’s long- and short-term interest to ensure that the group run a sustainable business and offer the customers sustainable solutions.

With buildings generally accounting for around 40 percent of energy consumption in society, the focus on sustainability in the construction industry has increased over the past couple of years. This is expressed in an increased number of sustainability-certified buildings, sustainability-profiled architects, and so on. At the same time, security-related regulation is increasing and financial investments are increasingly being based on sustainability criteria – in companies as well as in building projects. 

Improving the sustainability profile

ASSA ABLOY has focused on improving its sustainability profile for several years. The group monitors performance in the manufacturing plants and have implemented improvement targets in many important areas. To improve the performance further, the group has increased the focus on sustainability in new product innovation.

ASSA ABLOY’s ambition is to develop new product concepts that are truly innovative in the way they solve customer problems or create customer value, while being based on more sustainable solutions and processes.

To maximize the sustainability of new products and solutions, ASSA ABLOY considers the whole life cycle of products and focus the engineering efforts on areas where the greatest impact can be achieved. The group place each product in a broader context than that of its own development and production processes as its environmental impact can increase significantly when it is part of a larger system, such as a hotel, hospital or university.

ASSA ABLOY believe that by being sustainable the group create value for its customers cutting costs at the same time, as sustainable products and processes are inherently more efficient in their use of materials, energy, transport and other costs. 

A process toward more sustainable products

Keeping up to date with sustainability development throughout the ASSA ABLOY value chain is important in order to create and maintain awareness. We do that by training programs that covers governance, innovation, sourcing, manufacturing and sales etc. The group intranet and the staff magazine are other important channels to engage with the employees on this matter.