Megadoor solutions from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

From aviation and shipyards to mining, military and industrial applications, Megadoor solutions can accommodate your biggest access needs. Megadoor, a leading brand of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, is a turn-key solution for large project door applications around the globe.

Answering many size and opening requirements, ASSA ABLOY Entrance System's doors give architects and engineers flexibility to build truly functional structures that satisfy end users. Specifically, Megadoor systems are designed for commercial buildings, tough environments and very large door openings. They can be installed as hangar doors, industrial doors, commercial doors, dock doors, shipyard doors, craneway doors and more. 


Aviation products

We provide hangar door solutions for a variety of applications in the aviation space—from civil to military and manufacturing to MRO.


Case study: Learn how we’ve protected the world’s largest aircraft from Mojave Desert conditions. 


Shipyard products

We create dry dock door solutions for shipyards and boatyards that can withstand harsh weather and open flawlessly for maximum vessel clearance.


Case study: Find out how we improved Pendennis shipyard with a translucent fabric door. 


Mining products

Our mine entrance doors can endure gritty, corrosive environments while functioning around the clock, providing secure access to the industry’s massive haul trucks.


Case study: We guard hauling trucks in South Africa’s largest iron ore mine with vertical lifting fabric doors