Compact revolving door

Besam RD3 compact revolving door
Besam RD3 compact revolving door
Besam RD3 compact revolving door
Besam RD3 compact revolving door

Besam RD Series three- and four-wing compact revolving doors - automated convenience

The Besam RD Series compact three- and four-wing automatic revolving doors create attractive entrances that combine the climate-control advantages of a revolving door with the security and convenience of an automatic entrance. The Besam RD Series revolving doors are ideally suited for facilities with a continuous traffic flow, offering versatility and convenience while promoting safe and energy efficient design.

The Besam RD3 and Besam RD4 automatic revolving doors in compact size are ideal for hotels, hospitals and office buildings while the larger size diameter units are perfect for supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, airports, and retail.

Each system is designed to allow for a clear path for emergency egress under a variety of conditions.  In addition, multiple sensing devices detect slow-moving or stationary objects. With diameters from 7' - 12', our three and four-wing revolving doors are the perfect choice for many applications.

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Technical description

Besam RD Series

  • Available diameters: 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, 12’
  • Three- and four-wing configurations available
  • Multiple sensing devices to detect slow-moving or stationary objects
  • Compressible safety switches located on the vertical fixed wall
  • Horizontal safety sensors located on the rotating section. (9’–12’ diameter only)
  • Non–touch sensors located horizontally on the rotating section. (9’–12’ diameter only)
  • Handicap door speed reduction switches (2)
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